Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

The items in this medicine cabinet are the basics we turn to time and time again. My next post will explain what these items are and what we do with them. 

I'm curious, what do you turn to the most when sickness hits?

Medicine Cabinet Description from top to bottom, left to right.

Lypo Spheric Vitamin C: immune system support, any/all sicknesses

THE best vitamin C out there that I know of. I recently found out about this vitamin C while at the West Clinic (which I still go to to treat the Lyme disease). I was fighting off a sinus infection during the time that I got this vitamin C so I blasted my body with 7 packets per day. Well ... 3 days later I experienced the worst die-off ever! I'm sure it was because of this Vitamin C - it's amazing and powerful stuff. 

You can't overdose on C. It's anti: viral, bacterial, fungal, yeast, protozoa. I've read a handful of stories where at the first signs of sickness they hit their body with this C and never totally get sick. OR here's an amazing story about a man about to be pulled off of life support due to H1N1 and his life was saved due to the power of vitamin C and Lypo Spheric C. 

Even Dr. Levy himself says that this specific vitamin C is more absorb-able than IV vitamin C. Love it! Every home should carry this vitamin C. It lasts for 18 months. It kind of has a gel consistency and you mix it in your favorite beverage.

Colloidal Silver ASAP: ear infections, eye infections, food poisoning

Colloidal silver has a myriad of uses. We use it mostly for sinus infections, eye infections and ear infections. It can also be used in nebulizers for lung infections. I like the ASAP brand because I've been in touch with the maker's of it and have been allowed to view their amazing case history with it. 

The two issues most people have with colloidal silver is a condition called Agryria. This is a condition where, when a person ingests too much silver their skin turns a permanent grayish blue color. It's a terrible condition to live with but shouldn't scare a person unless they've done their research. You'd have to drink cups of this stuff every day for many days in order to have this condition happen - super extreme!

When using colloidal silver all you need is a teaspoonful or less - never more. My next post will be a post containing more information from one of the owners of ASAP and the responses he gave me to the questions I had about it. 

Hydrogen Peroxide: ear infections, detox baths, gum health, sore throat

I love hydrogen peroxide! And am so glad it's so affordable. We use this to sanitize our toothbrushes (which we do every day to our tooth brushes when we're sick). 

We also place 1-2 cups of this in the bathtub along with epsom salt when someone is sick. Some say that taking a bath mixed with some hydrogen peroxide is like taking an oxygen supplement. This type of a bath is known as a "detox bath".

Epsom Salt: detox baths, reduce swelling

For detox baths.

Elderberry Syrup: immune system support

One of the best herbs for boosting the immune system. And, unlike Echinacea, it's fine to take it every day - especially during the colder months. You can either buy your own Elderberry syrup online or from a health food store or make your own. Here's a recipe I made up and like.

Vitamin D3: immune system, any sickness

It's being said by some Naturopathic Doctors and health specialists that vitamin D3 might just be as important as vitamin C once it comes to staying healthy and having a strong immune system. Dr. Mercola has said a lot about vitamin D3.

Lugol's Iodine: strep throat/sore throat

I'm sure there are many uses for iodine but one of the reasons we keep it on hand is because I've read about people having great success treating strep throat gargling 5 drops of iodine (mixed with water) several times per day. 

Lavender: mosquito bites, burns

This oil is amazing for stopping the itch that goes along with mosquito bites. My whole family smells like lavendar all summer long! We also use it for burns. It seems to pull the burn right out. 

You can either apply the lavendar directly onto the burn (as long as the skin isn't broken) or place a few drop in a bowl of water and place the injured finger or body part in the lavendar water. If it's a larger part of the body that has been burned you can place 20+ drops of lavendar in the tub and soak in the tub with it for a while. 

Cassia: bladder infection

Cassia is an excellent oil for bladder infections. You never know when one might come up. I wish I had it when my daughter had a bladder infection years ago. She was SO sick and the doctors kept telling me it was "just a virus" ... until I took her to the ER to a larger hospital and the doc. said, "I took one look at her and knew it wasn't a virus." She suffered a lot through that and now has some organ damage due to the heavy amounts of pain relievers we were using to keep her fever under 105° and the heavy amounts of antibiotics she received for it. There are other options, better options out there if we mother's would just be exposed to them, learn them and keep these resources on hand! 

I'll be posting how exactly to go about treating bladder infections in another post.

Tea Tree Oil: any sickness

We use tea tree oil almost every time someone is coming down with something. I apply a few drops to their feet and to their tonsil area and the back of their neck. Tea tree oil should never be taken internally.

Breathe Oil Blend: coughs, congestion, asthma. (Here's a helpful link.)

Okay so I put doTERRA's Breathe oil up there but there are other blends that work the same way. Butterfly Express's Aspire or Breezey or Young Living's R.C. are comparable. But I'll have to admit that I do believe that doTERRA has better quality oils however, the others work well too.

These oils are great for coughs of any kind. Simply rub on the chest and even the back and the bottoms of the feet to help relieve coughing and congestion. 

My son would get croup every year. We were told that he'd out grow it and hoped this would be the case but he got it again just last year. He was 6! Usually it got bad enough that we'd rush him to the pediatrician. One time the doctor simply walked past the room and knew exactly what she was dealing with because she heard him and came in quickly with a breathing treatment and those (wonderful, yet blasted) steroids.

Well, last year he woke up with that terrible cough and his throat closing in on him again. I quickly began treating him with a Breathe blend and had him drink some water with a drop of Oregano oil in it. I also diluted the Oregano with olive oil and placed this on his feet. I did this a few times that night. 

I repeated these steps the next day, throughout the day. Miraculously he never even got it that night. Not one cough. (Croup is always worst on the second night - and super scary!) I knew his body. I knew the regimen. He'd been dealing with this for 5 years! I was completely amazed.

Thieves Oil Blend: protection from sickness, any sickness, air purifier

This is Young Living's version. DoTERRA has one as well called "On Guard" and Butterfly Express has one called "Deliverance". Once again, I believe that doTERRA is the best but the others work too. 

We love this blend! Any time someone is getting sick we apply this to the bottom of their feet and tonsil area (dilute it with oil for children). There's even a spray you can make or buy that you spray into your mouth to help keep things away. How easy is that to spray one spray in your child's mouth before they leave for school? 

It can even be diffused into the air to help ward off ilness. We have so many wonderful resources to turn to!

Oregano: best natural antibiotic

This is a super powerful oil! Always use with caution when applying it to the skin - especially if using it on children. Dilute it well. I take this internally for the Lyme disease and is the #1 oil I turn to when dealing with brain stem inflammation. It takes the inflammation down every time. Amazing. 

There's an endless list of things Oregano is good for. It has powerful anti-viral properties, it reduces airborne bacteria by 99%. Athlete's foot, digestive issues, mouthwash, sore throats ... the web is full of ideas.

Clove Oil: tooth ache

My favorite use for this is tooth aches! I had a cavity that wasn't happy - but we needed it to wait a bit before we could pay for it to get fixed. I ended up placing a few drops of clove in my mouth, laid on the side that my cavity was on, allowed my saliva to pool on that side, mixing with the clove oil and making sure to lay in a way that the tooth would be surrounded with this mixture. 

I would lay like this for a few minutes. Spit out the mixture, rinse out my mouth and the tooth ache would go away every time. 

Lemongrass: digestive issues

This is an oil great for digestive issues. One story I read was from some parents who placed lemongrass on their sick baby's feet. The next morning the baby's soiled diaper had a bunch of worms in it. This baby had one more bowel movement like that and then was good (and healthy) from that point on. 

Essential oils work! There's story after story about them on the web. They are a must when looking for alternatives to going to the doctor for every little thing.

Peppermint: digestive issues, congestion

Peppermint oil is great for digestive issues or things like congestion. 

Probiotics: boosts immune system, digestive health

Probiotics are incredibly important supplement to have on hand - especially if you or your family aren't getting enough probiotics/good bacteria through fermented foods or foods such as yogurt or kefir.

Our digestive system makes up 70% of our immune system. A healthy digestive system = good overall health. Primal Defense from Garden of Life is my favorite thus far. I purchase these from my local health food store.

Mixed Herbs: nutrients

We have a tea mixture that I love. I researched what the most nutrient dense herbs are and combined them to create a great nutrient dense tea. Here's the recipe. This is something we keep on hand and are currently drinking to help keep our bodies full of nutrients.

I like to buy the herbs in bulk from either our health food store or from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Bee Pollen: nutrients

I love this stuff! It is SO packed with nutrition. This alone can sustain life! When we're feeling like something is hitting us this is a great food to mix into smoothies, salads, yogurt, etc.

Olive Oil: medium for oils

Not only is this oil one of the most healthiest oils for human consumption but I keep it on hand to dilute the essential oils for sensitive skin.

Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar: body detoxifier and alkalizer, congestion, digestive issues

Apple cider vinegar, TRUE apple cider vinegar (not the Heinz kind you buy in the grocery store) is amazing for overall good health. It's great for the digestive system. It helps to alkalize the body. It clears out sinuses and the lymphatic system. 

When we're getting sick we like to take 2-3 Tablespoons of ACV per day by mixing it in a glass of water and drinking it down. We like sour stuff so the taste of it doesn't bother us. For those who don't like sour stuff - mix in some juice.

Cayenne Powder: colds, flu, strep/sore throat

Cayenne powder is definitely one of our favorites to keep on hand. Any time we start dealing with a cold we turn to that cayenne powder. When sick, I usually take 2-3 capsules, with food, per day.

Garlic: flu, sickness

If we get a sickness (especially ones that cause body aches) garlic is our #1 choice. Simply crush up a garlic clove place it on a spoon and swallow it down as if they're pills. Do this repeatedly throughout the day. It's powerful stuff!

Butterfly Express, Essential Oils Book:

This book is a must have once it comes to which oils to use for what - especially ones it comes to their specific blends. But you don't have to buy their blends in order to use this book. It's easy to figure out what other single oils or blends from other essential oils company would work for specific ailments. 

Nebulizer: sinus infections, lung infections, asthma, oxygenizing the body, any illness

The nebulizer is amazing device to have in your home. You can place distilled water and a drop or two of a specific oil into the nebulizer piece and get that straight into your sinuses, lungs and body. Also, very small amounts of food grade hydrogen peroxide can be used (along with distilled water) in the nebulizer as well to achieve the same affects.

I love the thought of having a nebulizer in my home especially for food storage purposes (there are batter operated nebulizers you can buy for a bit more money). I think of bronchitis, pneumonia even asthma - the first thing I'd be using on my children is the nebulizer with food grade hydrogen peroxide solution and some essential oils that fit their condition. We have powerful tools we can use to treat our families. Let's use them! 

You can buy a nebulizer for only $30 from this company.

Laser Light: reduces swelling, increasing healing, reduces/elminates pain (neck, back, anywhere), heals skin, heals wounds

Yes, I believe in the power of light! Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to be exact. (Not the fake LED laser lights that claim they do the same thing.)

This belief came from a device a health specialist used on me several times. I loved the way I felt every after being treated with it. His device cost 15,000 but this one costs 2,900. I know, still a lot ... which is why we still don't have one. But one day...one day. Tell ya what, I'll buy it (one day) and you can borrow it when you need it.

I've got my eye on a couple. This one ($575) or this one (my favorite thus far for $2900), possibly this one ($1995) or possibly this one.

Biomodulator Device: pain, healing, relaxes muscles, reeducates muscles

This device is a must for me - can't wait until we can get this one! This device sends low electrical signals to the brain by way of the nerves to stimulate the brain to activate the body's own self-healing resources.

Info can be found here.

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