Saturday, November 13, 2010

Recipe: Sprouted Wheat

I've changed the way I go about sprouting my wheat compared to the directions I gave in an earlier post.

It's quite simple really and the results are more consistant ...

Here's how I do it:

Sprouting Wheat

Part I
1. In the morning I place my 4-6 cups of wheat in a glass bowl, leaving some room for swelling.
2. I cover the wheat with water.
3. And allow to soak all day.

Part II
1. Before going to bed I transfer the wheat to a colander and rinse.
2. I place the colander in the same bowl the wheat was soaking in.
3. I cover the wheat with a damp towel.
4. And let sit overnight.

Part III
1. The next morning I take the colander out of the bowl, rinse my wheat and empty any leftover water within the bowl.
2. To help create even sprouting, I mix the wheat around a bit by bringing the wheat from the bottom to the top. (I simply do this with my hand.)
3. I replace the towel over the wheat and pour a bit o' water (3/4 cup) over the top.
4. I repeat this process two to four more times throughout the day.

Part IV
1. Before going to bed I transfer the wheat to my dehydrator and dehydrate my wheat at 105°.
(Wheat is ready to be refrigerated in the morning.)

This simple process sprouts my wheat perfectly every time. (Until a "tail" just emerges.)

I make sure I don't over-sprout my wheat - keeping in mind that over-sprouted wheat doesn't make good bread.

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