Thursday, August 5, 2010

Discovery: Meat

I used to be a vegetarian.

I was in High School. A few of my friends were vegan. I had watched some video clips on how cows and other animals were being mistreated and slaughtered. Tortured really. It made me sick.

I could no longer eat meat.

Until a few weeks later. I became so weak I could no longer not eat meat.

Yuck it disgusted me.

I grew. I became and adult. I had a family of my own. We ate like most other people. Eating meat (chicken mostly) a few times or more a week. But in the back of my mind I always knew the meat I was eating more than likely came from animals that had been mistreated. That had lived a miserable life.

Then I listened to other health foodists. Some were strictly vegetarian. Others were vegans.

Should I eat meat or not?

I had heard that meat grows parasites in our bodies and saps us of good nutrients and needed energy.

But I wasn't quite settled on the issue.

Here's something that came along that made complete sense to me. This is an excerpt from Michelle Stewarts blog:

"I do believe that animals are a gift to this world and all mankind. Some people choose to refuse meat and/or animal products all together because of the belief that all animals are unhealthy and factory-farmed. I believe that God planned perfectly for humans to rule over animals and all other living things on the earth, TO RULE WITH LOVE AND RESPECT FOR ALL THINGS LIVING!!!"

She also mentions that she feels great love and appreciation for the animals that lived and then died so that she could benefit from it.

"They really are created by God for us. We all need to treat them the way God has entrusted us to. To have dominion over them- with great LOVE and appreciation."

I couldn't have said it any better myself.

So I eat meat sparingly. And from sources that allowed the animals to live in ways they were meant to live.

Respected and happy.

I eat my meat with genuine gratitude and respect for the animal that lived and died so that I could eat it's meat to provide me and my family with the nourishment we need. We include such specific gratitude in our prayers.

The truth about most of the situations where we get our meat:

I'm anxious in supporting stores selling pasture fed meat in hopes that the support will grow and that the owner's of such stores will profit well enough to grow bigger and bigger.

I have plans to buy my meat from Real Foods in Orem Utah.

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