Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Health Concern: Immune System

I have the desire within me to find out why it is that we humans get sick more often during the colder months than other times in the year. I have my non-solidified theories but I know for sure that we need our immune systems to be strong.

As I've researched holistic healing I've come across a handful of some very affective ways to boost the immune system.

They are as follows:

Diet - There's no getting around this one. If we're eating too much meat, processed foods, sugar, and not enough foods that are alive (either through fermentation or through fresh fruits and veggies) or aren't eating enough healthy fats - our immune system won't be able to work as it should.

But when needing an extra boost - these work really well:

Vinegar Tonic (1-2 Tbsp per day)
Olive Leaf Extract (take according to directions on bottle)
Frankincense Oil (2 drops under tongue twice a day)
Bovine Colostrum (take according to directions on bottle)
Echinacea (or Astragalus) tea with licorice root (2-3 tea cups per day)
Garlic (1 clove chopped and swallowed like a pill, 2-3 times a day)
Keeping our bodies warm (especially our feet)

Here's to our health!


  1. I have some theories as well. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that, although many of us are eating "healthy" foods during the winter, they are not the CORRECT foods for the SEASON? I think Heavenly Father made things ripen in certain seasons for a reason. And maybe in the winter, we are supposed to be eating less fresh and more fermented or properly preserved foods and animal products? I'm learning more, but this is where I'm headed. What do you think?

  2. I love your idea ... more fermented foods for the winter and more fresh veggies and fruits during the warmer months.

    I think of 4 things:

    *over-eating (extra parasites)
    *eating more sugars and processed foods than usual (lower immune system)
    *not keeping our bodies warm enough (lower immune system again)
    *and having had a poor diet, therefore a weakened immune system to begin with.

    But, I'm not quite sure ... I have so much to learn and it's all so exciting!