Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Extra: Simple Daily Menu

In my mind, having a plentiful intake of fresh enzymes and green foods shouldn't have to be accomplished by chomping on vegetables or leafy greens all day or need to be complicated by coming up with various salad recipes to keep eating those greens a delightful experience.

Although I realize the importance of getting plenty of these good foods - we aren't as good at it as I'd like to be (including eating a salad for dinner every night).

So I've come up with a simple "menu" to help me make sure we're eating healthy.

Here it is:

* Juiced vegetable drink (beets, celery, cucumber, carrots, broccoli stalks, apples or grapes) mixed with a bit of wheatgrass juice and aloe vera juice (I like Lily of the Desert brand).
* Pancakes or such.
* Home made Yogurt with berries.

* Herbal tea (licorice root with echinacea and hibiscus or such).
* Leftovers or whatever else.

* Green smoothie (bit of kale, handfuls of spinach, soaked goji berries, chia seeds, frozen peaches and raw apple juice) or a salad.
* Dinner meal.

* Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, home made crackers, goat milk strawberry drink, banana cinnamon oatmeal etc. etc.

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