Thursday, December 30, 2010

Step One Cleanse: Emotional Cleansing

We humans radiate at a certain frequency. High frequency is good. Low frequency isn't good.

There are different things that affect what frequency we are radiating at:

spirituality and prayer
how we spend our time
and importantly - emotions or repressed emotions

This is important to know because diseases and illnesses radiate at a frequency too. And whatever frequency we radiate at, if it is compatible to a certain disease or illness' frequency, we are susceptible to getting that disease or illness.

Before any serious healing can take place we need to address our repressed emotions. They are more than likely what is the cause of any sickness (this applies especially to chronic sicknesses).

By the releasing of these emotions we are able to begin radiating at a higher frequency and therefore won't be susceptible to the diseases and illnesses with a compatible frequency.

Frequency = healing. Which is one reason why essential oils work so well. They contain a strong frequency that helps to heal our organs.

But aside from taking something physically to create whole healing - we need to let go emotionally in order to have anything else we do take full affect.

Healing has a lot to do with forgiving. Who are we holding with contempt in our hearts? Is it someone from the past? Is it something that happened recently? Do we need to forgive ourselves?

The releasing of emotions is incredibly and surprisingly powerful - no healing can fully take place unless these issues have been resolved.

There are three books I have come across and whole-heartedly recommend to help with the releasing of repressed emotions. These books take a person through the fairly difficult task of pulling up repressed emotions that we are unknowingly or purposefully holding onto.

These books are:

The releasing of repressed emotions not only helps us to become whole but it helps us to live a more relaxed and less irritated kind of life. Emotions seem to smooth out, inner tension is released and hardships or trials are better endured.

For those who feel they need additional support in facing and letting go of these repressed emotions, there are specialists that help with the healing process of releasing them. One health specialist I know of that can do this lives in American Fork, Utah. Her name is April Widmer - I'm happy to give out her contact information upon request.

Energy is limitless (which is something else I've been learning about) and April's work can be done over the phone or in the comfort of her own home.

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