Thursday, August 5, 2010

Discovery: Food is Medicine

The first time I learned that "food is medicine" was as I thumbed through the book The Tao of Nutrition in a Barnes and Noble out in Carlsbad, California. I never bought the book though. I was studying coconut oil at that time and used my book buying budget for that quest instead. But the book left me knowing something for the first time.

Food is medicine.

Sometimes, well many times, I read something and although I don't understand it thoroughly I know that it is truth. This book led me to that little piece of heaven. That little piece of truth.

Maoshing Ni, the author of this book, mentioned a couple other important things:

Each meal is an opportunity to heal.
We need to regain our instinctive nature regarding healthy eating.

I quite agree with him on both of those points.

I believe I heard the phrase "food is medicine" a couple more places. One other place I heard this phrase or the idea of it was on the following video which is definitely worth watching.

Here's the link.

I feel that I need to work on being an enlightened being - shaking off the shackles of ignorance.

This video, in it's own small (but big) way, helped me with just that.

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