Monday, October 10, 2011

Recipe: Vitamin Rich Tea

Herbs contain a wide array of nutrients that do our bodies good. The combination within this tea mixture contains these vitamins/nutrients:

(The number next to each nutrient shows how many of the herbs contain that particular nutrient.)

Amino acids -1, calclium-6, chlorophyll-2, chromium-1, copper-1, iodine-1, iron-6, magnesium-2, manganese-2, phosphorous-3, potassium-4, protein-1, selenium-1, silica-1, silicon-4, sodium-3, sulphur-3, tryptophan-1, vitamin A-6, vitamin B's-5, vitamin C-5, vitamin D-4, Vitamin E-6, Vitamin F-3, Vitamin G-1, Vitamin P-1, Vitamin P-1, Vitamin K-1, Zinc-2.

This tea is not only nutritious but it alkalizes our bodies and boosts our immune system.

We make a gallon of this tea about once a week, add a 1/2 tsp of powdered stevia and drink it either warm or cold.

Here's the recipe:

Vitamin Rich Tea

(1/2 cup each)

Red Raspberry Leaf
Rosehips (1-2 cups of this)

Combine and keep in a glass jar. Use 1 tsp for one cup of tea. Use 1 (+) cup of this mixture for a gallon.

Make by boiling water. Turn off burner after water has come to a boil. Add herbs. Cover with a lid. Allow to sit at least 15 minutes. I let my tea sit either all day or all night to make it more potent.

I like having this mixture in my food storage as well - what a great drink to have if we need to stay healthy and strong in some trying situation.

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