Monday, October 10, 2011

Recipe: Kelp-Salt

Sea salt is great - kelp salt is excellent!

"The ocean water contains one of the richest srouces of the vital life-sustaining mineral elements known to science. Kelp extracts and assimilates the mineral elements from the ocean water and converts them into a usable form for man.

Kelp is full of nutrients to nourish the entire body and contains nearly thirty minerals!

Kelp is used to rid the body of toxins (and radioactive material) by preventing their absorption. It promotes the growth of healthy tissue, skin, hair, and nails. It is also able to improve the cardiovascular system, nervous system, mental alertness, and kidney, bladder, prostate, and uterine difficulties." ~ Today's Herbal Health by Louise Tenney

These are some of the reasons why we want to add kelp to our diet. We do this by filling our salt shaker with 1/2 sea salt and 1/2 finely crushed kelp. We use this in most everything like on our salads, in our soups, or any in most of our meals.

* Kelp isn't quite as salty as sea salt therefore you usually need to use a bit more of this mixture than you would otherwise use.

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