Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fudge Filled Birthday Cake!

So my son's 7th birthday was coming up and we've been doing well staying away from sugar so I just couldn't get myself to give that up - even if it was for his birthday.

Cake's are quite the highlight on a birthday day. I felt a lot of pressure to create something he'd be happy with. I really wanted to create a delicious dessert my son would thoroughly enjoy to help make his big day special.

There were many concoctions that came to mind but in the end this particular concoction won. I made it and was thrilled to see my son be excited about it and devour it. Yes! It was a success!

This particular cake doesn't use any sugar. It's sweetened with bananas and raw honey. It's chocolate-y and moist and is quite the treat!

I basically used three different recipes from my blog to create this scrumptious cake.

Here's the recipe:

Fudge Filled Birthday Cake!

Banana Bread recipe.
Fudge recipe.
Mousse recipe.

(If you're making this for a birthday, make the banana bread and fudge the night before the big day. Consider making the mousse the day of, so it's nice and fresh!)

1. Make the banana bread recipe either in a small 8x8 baking dish or use a regular 9x12. (If you use an 8x8 dish only use half the banana bread recipe but use both eggs. If you're using a 9x12 pan use the whole banana bread recipe.) Make sure to butter and flour the pan (with coconut or rice flour) before placing the dough in it so it'll come out easier.

(Note: My banana bread recipe calls for potato starch but seeing as how we're on a particular no-starch diet for a while I left the potato starch out and substituted it with the other three ingredients: coconut flour, brown rice flour and almond flour. You may want to do the same. The banana bread turned out great!)

2. Allow the bread to cool completely on a cooling rack.

3. Make the fudge in a container that will fit your cake size just right. (And don't cut the fudge into little squares. Keep it in one whole piece.)

4. After the banana bread has cooled, if you used the 8x8 pan: cut the bread in half, horizontally, parallel with the top and bottom of the cake so that you can place the fudge on the inside. If you used the 9x12 cake pan cut the bread, vertically, down the center, so you can take one of the halves and set it on top of the other half.

5. Place the fudge in the center of the cake.

6. Before serving the cake, make the mousse and spread it all over the outside of the cake.

7. Keep the cake refrigerated until 1 hour before serving it. Letting it sit out for an hour will allow the fudge to soften some and will make it easier for cutting purposes.


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