Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Medical, Inc. (A movie)

While getting treatments at the West Clinic, I've had the blessed opportunity to meet some really neat people. I had the opportunity to meet James and Jeff - two men that took part in the creation of a new upcoming documentary that is totally worth watching.

Jeff is one of the filmmakers for this documentary which will be highlighting the West Clinic and how beneficial, real and life changing alternative medicine really is.

Both my current doctor (and chiropractor away from home), Dr. Jason West, and my current chiropractor close to home, Dr. Buhler, were interviewed for this documentary. I'm so excited to hear what they have to say! These two men should be and deserve to be put in the spotlight in a way that really shows the miraculous things they're doing for people!

I feel so much gratitude for these two doctors. It was Dr. Buhler who told me about the West Clinic/Dr. J. who, without a doubt, is saving my life.

I can't wait to see this documentary! It's coming out this August.

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