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Recipe: Flax Oil Cottage Cheese Mixture

This recipe is one of Johanna Budwig's staple meals for those trying to overcome heart disease, cancer, arthritis and other chronic conditions. This mixture allows those Omega 3's from the flax oil to penetrate all cells, creating oxygen rich cells that can ward off disease.

I eat this daily. And give it to my kids off and on. Those Omega's are so important for all of us and it's amazing to know how healing they truly can be.

Johanna Budwig was a German chemist and scientist. She had a 90% success rate at curing cancer, arthritis and heart disease. The diet she fed her patients was more intense and strict than simply eating the above mentioned concoction. Some of her requirements, on a more relaxed level, which should be done are these:

* Eat as little (or no) sugar as possible.
* Eat as little (or no) meat as possible.
* Stay away from ALL other fats other than cold-pressed olive oil, flax oil, and raw coconut oil. That means no fried foods or fast foods.

Although adding the Flax Oil Cottage Cheese recipe to one's diet would already, more than likely, create some great results, if one is to get rid of a serious ailment such as Arthritis I would highly recommend following at least those three rules.

But this recipe would be great to incorporate into any healthy/normal person's life.

Here's the recipe:

Flax Oil Cottage Cheese Mixture

4 Tbsp Cottage Cheese (organic allows for best healing)
2 Tbsp Cold Pressed Flax Oil (purchase from Health Food Store such as Good Earth)
1/2 tsp raw honey or 1/2 dropper full of liquid stevia extract, berry flavored
2-3 Tbsp freshly ground flax seeds (use coffee grinder for grinding)
1/4 of fresh / raw berries
Handful of berries or fruit of choice
(Optional) Drizzle with a bit of coconut milk

Appliances needed:

Hand blender (similar to this)
Coffee Grinder

How to make:

1. Place cottage cheese and flax oil into glass jar or bowl and blend with blender until well mixed and the oil is no longer separating from the cottage cheese.
(Always blend the cottage cheese and flax oil ONLY. Always add other ingredients after those two have been thoroughly mixed.)

2. Add your sweetener of choice along with 1/4 cup of berries to the flax oil and cottage cheese mixture. Blend together.

3. Grind up the flax seeds in coffee grinder.

4. Stir in the ground flax seeds.

5. Place mixture into serving bowl. Drop fruit and walnuts on top, drizzle with coconut milk and enjoy.

(It's beneficial to drink a glass of water before and after this recipe.)

Other ways to enjoy this recipe is to stir in other fruits such as pineapple, bananas, apples or even apple sauce.

How it works:

Flax oil is an electron rich oil which, once incorporated into a food high in sulphur such as cottage cheese, creates a water-soluble electron-rich food which bypasses the liver and is able to penetrate our cells, creating oxygen rich cells. These oxygen rich cells heal our body particularly of ailments such as arthritis, Crohn's disease, heart disease and more.

For your consideration: Johanna Budwig has stated that patients heal more thoroughly if they wean off of their medications and even all supplements.

My mother, who has had arthritis in her fingers for the last five years or so, has been using this recipe. She's eating it only once a day and has had amazing results. Her fingers are no longer red and painful. Where she used to have a hard time turning a door knob she now is completely pain free. People with all kinds of ailments benefit from this electron rich concoction as do even animals!

I have studied Johanna's work for over a year now and have benefited greatly from incorporating her diet into my life.

More information can be found here.

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