Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Discovery: Budwig Diet

Dr. Budwig, an author, German bio-chemist and creator of a cancer-diet called the Budwig diet, recommends the daily consumption of cottage cheese mixed with flax oil.

These two ingredients combined allows the flax oil to bind to the protein in the cottage cheese in order to become water soluble (or allow our bodies to fully utilize the healthy fats contained within the flax oil).

It's being said in many health studies and books that we Americans consume far too many of the wrong kind of fats and are far too deficient in Omega 3's and that's exactly what this mixture is feeding our starving cells - which is why this meal is the most important part of Dr. Budwig's diet for those preventing or healing from cancer, arthritis, eczema, diabetes and other degenerative diseases.

I know the health benefits of this on a personal level because I have felt the healing that has taken place as I've incorporated this meal to my every day diet.

In fact, this diet/meal was recommended to me by a friend and mentor of mine who not only overcame breast Cancer by incorporating this diet into her life but also recommends this to me because of the extensive researching she has done in her past 15 years of becoming a Holistic Healer.

(Dr. Budwig recommends 1Tbsp of flax oil for every 1/4 cup cottage cheese. But depending on the severity of the patient up to 6 Tbsp's can be taken mixed with the corresponding amount of cottage cheese.)

Dr. Budwig's work is something I am still researching -

A couple of her books are:

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