Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bacteria, Antibiotics & Super Bugs: the good & the bad.

"The era of antibiotics is coming to a close. 
In just a couple of generations, what once appeared 
to be miracle medicines have been beaten into ineffectiveness 
by the bacteria they were designed to knock out.

Once, scientists hailed the end of infectious diseases.
Now, the post-antibiotic apocalypse is within sight."
- Sarah Boseley, The Guardian          


Dr. Mercola shared this video on his informational entry today - it sums up a lot of what I've been learning about good and bad bacteria throughout the years.

I'm not sure that I agree with Bonnie's approach to the bacteria problem but A) I do agree with her explanation of how bacteria work/communicate and B) I share my belief as to what I think the approach should be down below.

For those of you who are interested in watching this video you may also want to take a look at Dr. Hill's video as well.*

I find it fascinating that not only do bacteria do everything they can to thrive in our bodies by feeding, growing, multiplying and even protecting themselves from threats such as man made antibiotics by morphing into a cyst form - they are living in constant communication with one another and this constant communication helps them to survive and thrive.

Smart suckers!

The scary thing is that man made antibiotics are beginning to no longer have an affect on bacteria like they used to. Bonnie mentions this in her video, Dr. Hill, Dr. Mercola, and Dr. Keyworth all mention this as well.

Bacteria are morphing into what is being called a "super bug".

Claudia Keyworth, a local naturopathic doctor, has put together a series of videos talking about these "super bugs". She explains how they came to be and what we can do about it. You can view her videos here by clicking on this link. Or go to Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3.

The exciting thing is that there ARE remedies out there that kill them anyway. Dr. Hill talks about this in his video - how by using essential oils it interrupts the ability for bacteria to communicate and therefore kills the bacteria.

There are other options out there as well such as the use of herbal tinctures or homeopathic remedies. Using high doses of vitamin C works as well. Lypo Spheric Vitman C or intravenous vitamin C are the two top choices.

We are living in some rocky times but there are answers out there. There are ways we can treat and cure diseases, big and small.

Quite frankly, I find it exciting ... even after having 5 1/2 years of my life sucked away by these nasty critters!!

In the end, due to the methods I've talked about in this post, I have regained control of my health and will completely regain control, permanently.

*Even though Dr. Hill is directly associated with doTERRA and I love the quality of those oils I do, however, feel that other oils work comparably well. The oils I like are:

N'fusions (a new local brand that our local health food {Good Earth} store sells)
Young Living Oils
Butterfly Express
Aura Cacia (sold at our local health food store as well)

** (Yes, in order to watch Claudia's videos, through her site, you'll need to enter your email. I promise, she's not trying to give out your email to anyone else or anything of the sort. If you want to unsubscribe from her emails afterwards you have the option to do so.)

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