Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Berry and Custard Topped Waffles

Like I mentioned, we've really been liking the sourdough waffles. Maybe it's due to the feeling of 4th of July festivities hanging in the air but I woke up this morning feeling like I wanted to make an extra delicious, extra special breakfast. I was prepared this morning to make sourdough waffles but what would we place on top of it? Custard and berries came to mind - and I knew this would be an instant hit. It was.We all loved it. 

Seeing as how tomorrow is the 4th, I think we'll do a "red, white and blue" theme with these same toppings, only adding blueberries and some banana slices on top as well. Yum!

Here's the recipe:

Sourdough waffles, cooled down
Sliced berries, whole blueberries, sliced bananas, etc.

Simply drizzle the custard over the waffle and place the berries on top.

Honestly, my kids' waffles didn't look quite as pretty as this photo. I don't have time to carefully place every sliced berry on every waffle they eat. So just drizzle that custard onto the waffle, drop the berries on top and enjoy! It's SO good. (And good for you!)

Don't remember why sourdough is so much better for us than non-sourdough breads? Here are some reasons why.

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