Monday, June 18, 2012

Grilled Chicken and Sauerkraut Sandwiches

We really like grilled sandwiches in our house. This recipe had a new little spin to it as we placed some caramelized onions on top! De-lish!

Here's the recipe:

Grilled Chicken & Sauerkraut Sandwiches

bread (sourdough or sprouted)
2 T. grapeseed or coconut oil
2 onions, chopped
chicken of choice (I used some of our chicken stock chicken)

1. Caramelize the sliced onions by placing the oil in a skillet and cook the onions away, on medium heat, until the onions are a light brown color.

2. Spread some butter on one side of each piece of bread.

3. Place some chicken in between two slices.

3. Place the slices on an indoor electric grill, close top and cook until lightly browned.

4. Place sandwiches on plate. Open them up and place desired amount of sauerkraut on top of the meat. 

5. Close the sandwich and place a heap of caramelized onions on top of the sandwich.

Eat with a fork and knife and enjoy!

Note: I choose not to cook the sauerkraut so that its enzymes, probiotics and nutrients stay in tact.

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