Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finding Balance with Healing Foods

 Alright so the GAPS diet lasted a whole 2 weeks. I've begun some new treatments for the Lyme disease and it set me back quite a bit as I went through a bit of a healing crisis (you can find my adventures with Lyme here) and therefore the whole GAPS diet thing fell apart rather quickly. But it gave me some time to think.

I know there's something very healing to the GAPS diet. I know it. And if I had a child that had something as severe as Autism, we'd be on the diet in the blink of an eye. But I've decided to intermingle the things I've learned from GAPS along with what's called "The Bible Diet" or, as Jordan Rubin calls it, "The Maker's Diet". Which, by the way, is a definite must read for anyone who's interested in healing the digestive system.

I really don't like the word diet in that last phrase though because this "Bible Diet", to me, isn't some temporary fix or "diet" to be on. In my opinion it's the way we should be eating ALL the time - as long as there isn't some serious gut issue that simply does require one to be grain-free. I believe that this diet, had we been doing this for the last 10 generations, is what would've (and will) restore most of societies gut issues, heart issues, mental health issues, diseases, etc.

Remember, our digestive system makes up 80% of our immune system. If 80% of our immune system is in tact what all would that wipe out??? Many, if not most, sicknesses and diseases.

Our digestive system is SO crucial to our overall well being. And it's just that that has been going down hill for the last few generations or more. We've got to stop this trend. We've got to learn some simple kitchen and food preparation skills that will turn this degeneration around. Our children need us to. And our children's children do even more.

Good grief - when I think of all the autism, ADD, IBS, Crohn's disease, Depression, MS, Candida, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Celiac Disease that's out there it overwhelms me.

If we would just start eating foods that contain more vegetables and fruits, are made up of breads that have been properly prepared, eat probiotic rich foods, eat only fats that are good for us, eliminate almost all sugar and instead return to naturally sweetened foods, eat cultured, raw dairy, eat meats and eggs that come from pasture raised, happy animals, and eat as much organic foods as possible it'd be a whole new (and needed) beginning that would help to create a more vibrant, healthy and happy people! So much more good could be done in the world! No more radiating at low frequencies, staring at the back of a can of who knows what wondering if that junk is good for us.

Anywho. So my thinking is this: If Jordan Rubin could defy death from crippling Crohn's disease, going from a mere 111 lbs. to his normal 160+ lbs. by being on the Bible Diet and using some good strength probiotics that contain HSO's, after trying just about everything else on the face of this earth before getting complete success with those two things, I can heal my gut and my children's gut by being on this very do-able "diet"/way of living as well.

This is what we'll be sticking with for quite some time. I'll get some more blood results in a couple of months or so and see if my digestive system has improved.

So what is it that we're doing then?

Naturally leavened breads (the way, if you ask me, God intended us to make bread)
or sprouted breads
If not naturally leavened then gluten free (such as pancakes or muffins)
Probiotic rich foods: Sauerkraut, kefir, lactose-free yogurt, salsa, beet kvass
Lots of free-range, hormone-free eggs.
Grass fed meats.
No sugar.
Meat stocks, regularly, for soups or gravies or to drink.
Probiotic supplements, L-Glutamine supplement and cod liver oil as our supplements.
Flax oil, olive oil, coconut oil and a bit of grapeseed oil  for any and all liquid fats.
Butter (raw or organic is best, if you can.)
Cultured, raw cheeses/dairy.
Juicing in morning.
Salads, vegetables and fruits.
Nuts and seeds: almonds, walnuts, sunflowers seeds, hemp seeds, etc. Free of irradiation, if possible.
Probiotic rich drinks such as drinks made from water kefir or some kombucha.
Yummy, sugar free and healthy snacks. 

I don't know - I can't say whether someone should be doing GAPS or whether they should be doing the "Bible Diet", including naturally leavened breads into what they eat but here's my developing thoughts as of right now:

I've read many peoples stories about their experience with GAPS and many of them mention that they had to stop because they didn't have any energy and so they began to incorporate more carb.'s into their diet. This tells me: Yes, being gluten free for a little bit is probably good but our body needs those carb.'s, those grains.

Next, I can't forget the really neat experience I had when I learned about the goodness of naturally leavened breads.

Lastly, it's so much easier feeding children when there's bread on hand!

And for-real-lastly, like I mentioned - Jordan Rubin healed his grossly diseased digestive system with this diet ... I've gotta see what it can do. I need to know so that I can teach others from my true blue experiences.

Oh and seriously-lastly, I can't forget the research I did concerning the health benefits of naturally leavened bread as well.

We've basically already been doing this diet but we're sticking to it strictly: no store bought breads or even home-made yeast breads, no sugar, good meats, taking the supp.s consistently, etc.

I'm wondering if I should start a whole other blog that has recipes only containing foods that are a part of the bible diet and that help to rebuild, restore or maintain good health in the digestive system.

... I'll think about it.

Oh and for those who are doing GAPS - seeing as how the Bible Diet is so similar to the GAPS diet I'll still be sporadically posting GAPS friendly recipes!

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