Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Story: One Journey and One Important Piece of Truth, Part I

This photo of me, my body at 86 pounds, vegetable drink in hand, a roll of toilet paper to wipe away occasional tears, my scriptures to feed my soul and my journal to jot down any bubbling repressed emotions was taken during one of the most trying times in my life.
* * *
In the beginning, the purpose of my blog was to have a place to jot down recipes and summaries of researches I have done - for my own personal use. But I valued the information so much that I wanted others to have it as well. So I opened my blog to the public … on one personal condition: that I kept my posts rather impersonal.
But I have a message to share that I cannot help but explain in a personal way. I promise there is a point in the end and, yes, it will have to do with food. A food of much incredible worth.
So here goes …
Only a short two months ago I did an aggressive three week cleanse which consisted of doing a colon hydrotherapy session three times a week, taking prescribed supplements to cleanse and rebuild weak organs, and being on a vegetable-only juice fast.
Normally weighing an already mere ninety six pounds, my weight quickly plummeted down ten pounds leaving my body not only at a meager eighty six pounds but leaving me in a weak and frail condition as I spiraled down a scary road only a few experience known as ‘emergency detox’, where my body, being so full of toxins, detoxified too quickly for my own good, nearly shutting down my whole system.
And yet, I did it anyway.
Why? Because it has now been four years that I have suffered with and overcome Candida Overgrowth and continue to overcome Lyme Disease.
Here are some excerpts from my journal concerning this cleanse:
“…Boy how time has turbulently flown these last few weeks. What I have been through (on a physical and emotional level) has by far been one of the hardest things I’ve done.
First came the experience of almost passing out, then the severe dizziness and haziness along with my heart pumping hard and fast for a couple of days. Then came the day I got the flu virus and not only detoxed from that but fell into heavy physical detox mode and felt body aches beyond anything I knew was possible.
Next came the serious fatigue where I slept for a day and two nights. Then came the Lyme symptoms making my neck and back muscles so weak all I could do was sit on the couch with a pillow under my head to help keep it up.
The whole reason why I’m doing this is so that I can become well again. Strong again. Energetic again. Peppy again. Fun again. Lively again. A joy to be around again.
I almost stopped the cleanse after the first set back but after having spoken to my colon cleanse specialist over the phone and being demanded by her as to what I was going to do, I remember as I, in a crumpled and frustrated state, kneeled and prayed on the floor in our office. I came to one conclusion which I vehemently vocalized:
‘I don’t want to be afraid anymore!’ ”
No more fear. I had to let go. I could either live my life constantly feeling that I was dying or I could become familiar with the breath of death trying to get a new lease on life.
I chose the latter.
... Little did I know Heavenly Father would consecrate my efforts by leading me to an important piece of truth.

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