Monday, February 6, 2012

Video: David Wolfe and Earthing Part 1-6

There's so much beneficial information that's founded upon truth and science in these videos. I have known a bit about how important voltage is for our bodies - the information shared here blew me away!

David Wolfe - in this first video - even goes as far to say that, "...our direct skin connection to the earth (earthing) is one of the most important foods that we can take in ... it may be more important than food."

A friend sent me an article about Lyme disease (which is something I'm still working on overcoming). It talked about Dr. Klinghardt's theory about this Lyme epidemic and gave some suggestions as to how to overcome it. A lot of what he believes is feeding the Lyme bacteria's is electromagnetic frequencies. This information caused me to do some more researching into the matter and is what led me to these incredible videos.

"The cell is electrical, not chemical, and therefore as soon as the electrons are available, the charge comes on upon the cell and is able to keep the cells bouncing off of each cell and not clump together.

The crowding/clumping of cells means there's a deficiency of electrons. Cells stick together trying to get the oxygen or to get to wherever the charge is.

...Earthing leads to a dramatic change in our longevity."

Intro video overview:

Here's some more info. about the importance to voltage.

"When you get grounded, you're allowing the electricity from the earth to fill us up with alkalinity ... it's recharging your alkalinity."

Source found on David Wolfe's "David Wolfe on Zapping - part 2" video.

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