Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Discovery: Body Voltage

The measurement of pH in our body is really a measurement of voltage. When a cell needs to repair itself, it increases its voltage so it has enough energy to accomplish the repair. After healing is accomplished, the cell goes back to its operating voltage (of -22 millivolts).

Problems occur when a cell runs out of voltage before healing is accomplished.

We do not normally get well by making defective cells work. We get well by making new cells that work correctly. The key to maintaining good health is by making a single cell work like it should. If you give the body the things a single cell needs to work, the body often has the power to heal all of the cells in the body. That means you get well and stay well!

Cells need the following to be healthy:

Water with voltage (alkaline water)
Fats to make cell membranes (good fats are good!)

So how do we get enough voltage/electrons?

Drinking alkaline water
Uncooked food
Touching the earth
Touching moving water
Touching another living thing

Therapeutic ways to provide the body with voltage:

Essential Oils
Supplements (Vitamin C)

This stuff amazes me. Our earth - the things from it - provides us with the voltage we need to stay healthy and coupled with current technology we are in a perfect spot to regain the good health we need in order to get the people of this nation out of this avoidable health crisis.

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