Saturday, April 9, 2011

Story: One Journey and One Important Piece of Truth, Part IV

I don’t expect that by eating the bread Heavenly Father instructed me to eat, that it will cure me entirely. I know it will help my healing process but I have a ways to go and I know enough that in order to continue making progress I need to remain on a particular diet, do further cleansing, work on boosting my immune system and zap the Lyme bacteria.

I know the Lord didn’t intend the bread to be some magic pill that will completely cure me of all ailments. No, God doesn’t usually work that way.

However, He led me to the truth about bread. And I feel so grateful to Him for this gift.

My first experience with making naturally leavened bread was beautiful in and of itself. I was in complete awe with the starter making process and I became enveloped in utter appreciation to Heavenly Father for loving us enough that He provided a way for us to make nourishing and wholesome bread – His way.

Oh, how all-knowing He is!

Here we humans are, trying to be as smart as we can be, and we capture and create yeast. What an invention! Now we can make bread in only the fourth amount of time than it used to take when we used natural leaven – happy day! I can only feel the grief Heavenly Father must have felt as He watched this take place. “If only they would trust me.” I can hear Him say.

Two hundred years later, after the invention of baker’s yeast, His children begin to suffer. “Strength in the navel” rapidly becomes extinct. For more than 4000 years people used the bread making process given to us by Heavenly Father. But man wanted to exercise his cleverness and desired to have bread be a more convenient and quick food for himself.

So, in the early 1800’s, man began to study and capture yeast. By and by, in the early 1900’s factory-produced yeast became widely available [1] and was oh, so pleasing to the natural man. “Bread that can be leavened in less than two hours!” they cried. It may taste a little bland but the texture is lighter and softer. How could they resist?

Approximately one hundred and sixty years later, God’s people suffer with a plethora of gut related issues: IBS, Crohn’s disease, Celiac, Candida, Leaky Gut, food allergies, autoimmune diseases.

“Why?” they moan. “Why are we so ill?”

Obviously, bread in and of itself isn’t the only problem or solution to that question. Other factors play at hand. But in the meantime, bread, the “staple of life”, is an excellent place to start making essential changes that will benefit mankind.

“Slow down.” Our perceptive leaders counsel us.

“Slow down.” Heavenly Father echoes.

Simplifying our lives and slowing down, allowing natural occurrences to take place, will bless our lives.

Simplifying and slowing down the bread making process, allowing its natural processes to take place, will bless our health.

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  1. Is this bread one of the recipes you will be sharing?

  2. Yes, it is - along with a couple others.

  3. Thank you for sharing such a touching personal story. You are truly an amazing person. I too have been baking with naturally leavened bread for the last few months, so I'm looking forward to hearing more about your experience and seeing what recipes you've enjoyed.

  4. Thanks Tiffany - you're so nice. I'm excited to share some recipes. I'll be posting one more post then the recipes will come! :)