Friday, April 8, 2011

Story: One Journey and One Important Piece of Truth, Part III

"Bread is the most congestive food we can eat."
“The gluten in bread will cause your Lyme to flare up – it is an allergic response.”
Those two simple sentences, although explained at different times, ran through my mind simultaneously, beating at a rhythm that caused me inner turmoil. Even if it was that “invaluable guide” who had spoken them to me.
Could bread really be that congestive? Didn’t Heavenly Father explain that grains, especially wheat, are the “staff of life”? Am I really to believe that He meant that only whole sprouted grains are to be eaten say, as a breakfast cereal or as an addition to my salads?
I had wanted to know the truth about bread for a long time now. Was that the truth? Is that why so many suffer with digestive ailments of one kind or another? Candida overgrowth. Chrone’s disease. IBS. Celiac disease…
Oh, how I wanted to know.
And, oh, how kind our Father in Heaven is!
“Clean and wholesome bread” is what I was instructed to eat. I had done enough research on bread in the past so that when Heavenly Father gave me those specific instructions, not only did I see the bread placed in my mind, I knew that this particular bread was naturally leavened, rye-wheat bread.
I questioned it though.
Do as I have said.” was His response once again.
I did as I was instructed. Well, the making of the bread anyway. I made my starter and a few days later made the beautiful loaf of bread. I couldn’t get myself to eat it though. I knew that Heavenly Father wanted to test me to see if I would let go of the instructions that came from the “arm of flesh” and now fully, whole heartedly listen to Him. I understood that. But I still couldn’t understand how bread could benefit me enough on a physical level that Heavenly Father would ask me to eat it.
To help me overcome the Candida (which I successfully did) and help keep at bay the symptoms of Lyme disease, I had been on a strict diet for over 6 months. This diet excluded all sugar (including fruits) and all carbohydrates: no rice, no potatoes, no pasta and no bread… especially no bread!
I chickened out the first day I made the bread. But I gave that loaf a generous amount of glances relentlessly thinking, “really?”
That night, as I lay in bed, I prayed to the Lord again, asking if this was really what He wanted me to do. As before, I was told, “Do as I have said.” … perhaps in a less patient way than the first time. But I also received instruction to eat half a piece of this carefully prepared bread.
The next day, driven to be obedient to my Father’s instructions, I cut myself half a piece. I spread a little butter over the top of it and hesitantly took one bite. That was all I could muster myself to eat at that time.
I waited. I paid attention to my body’s reaction to that one bite. Just the eating of fruit would cause body aches to hit my joints within half an hour after eating it. What would bread do? About an hour later I was still feeling fine. I made my way over to the piece of bread and took another bite. I waited. No reaction. One last time for that day, I held the piece of bread in my hand and and allowed myself to actually enjoy consuming the last few bites.
That night I prayed to Heavenly Father again.
“I did it,” I proudly stated “I ate the bread you instructed me to eat. What would Thou have me do next?”
“Tomorrow, eat a whole piece.” Came the quiet reply.
I silently gasped - a whole piece?
Just to double check I ask, “Am I correct in thinking that Thou wants me to eat a whole piece of bread?”
“It is pleasing unto me.” He responds.
“Yes Father.” Is my submissive response.


  1. Thank you for sharing that beautiful journey. I have wondered the same exact thing about wheat. Why is it the staff of life, if it causes so much stress in peoples lives.
    Never should we doubt the Lord by ignoring the Holy Ghost.
    If you feel you can, could you share your recipe with us.

  2. I have had the same struggle in my mind over wheat. I have narcolepsy and an autoimmune disease. When I research the proper diet for both of these issues, they both declare that wheat triggers the autoimmune response and contributes to sleepiness. But there is a voice that keeps coming to my mind reminding me that wheat is the staff of life....for years I have struggled with this. I want to have the faith to know what to do and how to prepare it properly, but I am lacking :/

  3. Thanks for your comments - I have one last post I'll be sharing concerning my story and then I'll be sharing recipes along with information on past and current researches concerning naturally leavened bread. It really is exciting stuff - which is one reason why I feel so passionately about it.