Monday, January 3, 2011

Recipe: Berry-Flax Kefir

We used to eat home-made yogurt for breakfast every morning until I found out the even healthier benefits of kefir compared to yogurt.

After studying Dr. Budwig's theory on including flax oil into a dairy product and the health benefits of it - including the prevention of cancer and other diseases - we began adding a couple generous squirts of flax oil into our kefir.

Flax oil has a pretty strong taste but it mixes just right with the kefir and isn't bothersome in the least.

Here's our daily recipe:

Berry-Flax Kefir

Kefir from one quart glass jar
Small handful of raspberries or blackberries
Two generous squirts of flax oil

I blend this mixture together in a wide mouth quart jar with an emulsifier (hand held blender) tool. And then simply serve.

Any berries can be added to kefir according to one's liking.

Also, another great item to add to this kefir mixture is freshly ground flax seeds. I love it like this but my kids don't care for the added texture. Adding ground flax seeds adds extra nutrients and fiber.

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