Saturday, August 7, 2010

Recipe: Fried Plantain Bananas

This is a treat we like to have every now and then.

It's oily.
It's salty.
It's crispy.

BUT it's healthy!

Fried Plantain Bananas

Plantain Banana(s)
Expeller pressed coconut oil
Sea salt

First, make sure your plantain banana is ripe. You can tell a plantain banana is ripe by how easily it peels. Easy peeling = ripe. Difficulty with peeling = unripe. And by the darkness of the peel. The darker it is the riper the banana.

Slice up ripe plantain bananas. (You can slightly mash them with a fork if you like.)

Fry in coconut oil on medium heat. (You don't want them to fry too quickly so they can cook thoroughly and get that perfect little crisp around the edges.)

Place fried bananas on paper towel.

Sprinkle with salt right after taking them out of oil.

Let them cool down and enjoy!

The salt is healthy. The oil is healthy. The banana is healthy.

I love this treat!

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