Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recipe: Berry Yogurt Smoothie

My kids weren't taking too well to our home made yogurt (plain with berries on top).

I knew they liked berries.

I knew they like the sour/tart flavor of the home made yogurt. So I thought I'd change it up a bit.

And it worked! They ate it right up.

Ahhhhh! It's makes me so happy seeing my children gulp down healthy bacteria..

and vitamins
and minerals
and proteins
and good fats
and enzymes
and antioxidants.

Here's the simple recipe:

Berry Yogurt Smoothie

2 cups frozen raspberry and black berry
1 1/2 cups home made yogurt
2 tbsp Agave or Honey (for those who don't like the tart flavor)

and blend it up!

Use more berries to get a thicker consistency (making it spoon-edible) or add more yogurt to get a drinkable smoothie.

All sorts of berries or fruits can be used for this recipe.

This is a pretty dense smoothie - I give my kids half of a small cup full...unless they ask for more.

Which they do.


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