Thursday, August 12, 2010

Discovery: Sucanat

Sucanat vs. white sugar.

There is a noticeable difference.

What is this difference we're seeing?

It's a matter of having a sugar that is in it's pure form and having a sugar that's refined/processed.

Sugar cane, even though its as sweet as can be, contains vitamins and minerals. And, once eaten, some of these minerals (such as chromium) helps break down the sugar in our bodies.

Heavenly Father, once again and as always, knew what He was doing when He created the sugar cane plant - imagine that!

Sucanat is simply dried sugar cane -

In its whole true form. Vitamins, minerals and all.

Seeing as how it's a healthier alternative to sugar - we use it in most recipes that call for white or brown sugar.

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