Thursday, August 12, 2010

Appliance: Blend Tec Blender

I used to think my Bosch mixer was IT! ...

until I was introduced to the Blend Tec Blender and suddenly had a longing to add a new long-term appliance to my kitchen.

Why do I want it?

Because it can blend anything! (supposedly) There's an interesting site called that blends up all sorts of things in these machines.

But aside from blending up silly things like an iPhone - it's also great for food! You can throw fresh vegetables in there and blend it up enough that the friction will warm up the mixture and suddenly you have a delicious and nutritious raw soup!

There's all sorts of recipes out there.

I want one (yes, it's still a want at this point in time) - mostly for my almond milk. But I also look forward to having it to make:

creamy green or fruit smoothies
even creamier ice cream
smoother mixes for home-made popsicles
summer ice slushies
home-made salsa
and those raw soups I spoke of.

It can even grind wheat!

It's a definite must have.

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