Monday, August 9, 2010

Appliance: Dehydrator

My dehydrator is another must have.

Note: If you don't have one yet and are considering getting one. Invest in one that is of higher quality.

Purchase it from Kitchen Kneads or maybe check out Bed, Bath and Beyond.

One of the better brands out there is the Excalibur brand.

I never realized the true potential of my dehydrator (nor did I have a true vision of what my food storage will look like one day) until I fell in love with Tammy's website and became addicted to dehydrating.

The possibilities are endless!

Fruit roll ups
Dried fruits and vegetables
Beef jerky
Dried sprouted wheat
Dried herbs

Only thing I feel the need to mention is to dehydrate all fruits and vegetables at 115 to 110 degrees - so the enzymes in the food aren't damaged.

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