Thursday, August 5, 2010

Personal Story: Ah-hah! Moment

Forgive me for my excitement but I just had a big ah-hah! moment - in my kitchen.

I was grinding my beloved sprouted wheat when, to my surprise, I suddenly realized that I didn't have any kids gathered around me wanting to help.

Growing up I always pictured the kind of mother I'd be. I'd envision myself in the kitchen with my little ones gathered around helping me. We'd be cooking something together and everyone would have smiles on their faces and angels would be singing from heaven as the sun streamed in through clean windows.

Not surprisingly, it hasn't been so. Things get chaotic with forty or more fingers around - all of them wanting to help.

I was just in the kitchen thinking about the fact that I've always known that it was important to teach our children how to cook.

But why?

Well...because they need to learn how to make food. How to read recipes and be able to make something edible from that recipe. They need to learn how to measure. Ummm...I think that's it.

Well. As I was grinding my wheat. For the first time I really genuinely wished a child was there cooking with me.


Not because I want to entertain the thought of trying to create that perfect picture but instead it was because I feel that these truths about food are so important they simply have to be passed down from one generation to the next.

The way we cook. The way we prepare food. What we eat. It's all so important. The people on this planet are ailing in a health crisis! And worst of all - it's affecting the generations who are coming after us and will affect more generations beyond them. It's not just because of the environment, immunizations, pollution, or whatever else people blame it on (although I do feel these things add to the problem).

It's our food. It's what we're eating. The foods we are eating are causing a plethora of current health problems, de-generative diseases and de-evolution. It's true.

It is so. truly. important. that we teach our children what to eat. Our children. Our grandchildren. Their children's children. Their mental, physical, and spiritual: strength, resistance and stamina. Their ability to be as strong as possible while living in this world is, in an important way, relying on what they will be feeding the bodies they have been gifted with.

"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors: We borrow it from our children."
-Indian proverb

This could be changed to:

"We do not inherit good health from our unhealthy habits: We steal it from our children."
-Claudia proverb

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