Thursday, August 5, 2010

Discovery: Microwaves

We don't use a microwave.
It's true.

It was one of those things that eats at ya and eats at ya until you finally read one more not-so-good thing about it and you say, "I can no longer deny what I need to do."

Ignorance really is bliss sometimes.

But, really I can't complain - at all. I love not using my microwave. Every time I need to use some raw butter for a recipe, but all I have is the frozen kind, I simply pull out a pan and slowly melt it down.

If anything, keeping away from my microwave makes me have to plan a little better by making sure I'm thawing out the things I need. And warming up leftovers in a pot really isn't that big of an inconvenience.

So why? Why am I no longer using my microwave?

There is faux information going around about microwaves. I heard about an e-mail being sent around where someone watered two separate plants with two different kinds of water. One was being watered with regular water and the other was being watered with microwaved water. Supposedly the plant being fed microwaved water withered away and died. I'm doubting this story is true.

Like I'll always say, we need to do our own researching - and not rely on cheesy chain letter e-mails.

The main thing I've always heard - and by a good many sources - is that when plastic is exposed to high temperatures (any high temperatures) **including the high temperatures within the microwave** the chemicals from the plastic leach into our food supply. Some claim that these chemicals can cause cancer.

I have always felt there was truth to what was being said - to one extent or another. I may not exactly understand why or how microwaves are damaging our foods but something within me says - stay away.

Besides, I'm spending a lot of effort and time in making some great and super healthy foods for my family. There's no way I'm placing its leftovers in some device that will use electromagnetic radiation to heat up the water molecules in my precious food - my family's medicine, my family's reliance on well being and good health!

So the straw that broke the camel's back was when I read The Diet Rebel's Cookbook. I love that book - I love how the authors (Jillayne Clements and Michelle Stewart) seek for truth and food purity.

The points that they make about microwaves are these:

* They kill all enzymes.
* They change the molecular structure of food so your body may not recognize it as anything nourishing or digestible.
* A lot more nutrients are depleted through microwave cooking than through traditional cooking methods.
* If you heat food on plastic, it can leach into your food.
* Free radicals and other carcinogens are formed in the food during microwaving.
* There are a number of studies and warnings about microwave use that are alarming enough to raise doubts about their safety.

The references they give are: "Never Use a Microwave"
"The Hidden Hazards of Microwave Cooking" by George D. Georgiou

My references?

Mainly, listening to my body's voice.

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