Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Update on our "diet"

So it's been almost a couple of months now since we started this new "diet". Like I've mentioned before, I don't like calling it a diet. Some people like to eat all raw foods. Others avoid eating meat. There are vegans, vegetarians, raw foodists, heavy meat eaters, SAD eaters and then there's our way of eating - what would it be called? ... The sourdough lovin, wholesome food eatin', probiotic rich food likin', no sugar - only raw honey sweetened dessert diet.

That's a really long name. I think I'll have to rethink that one.

Anyway we LOVE eating this way. The kids have stopped asking, "How long are we going to have to do this diet?" They no longer care so much when others are eating sugary treats around us, knowing we stick to our own delicious desserts and treats.

Here are a couple of miracles I've seen happen while being on this diet:

My son's eczema has cleared up tremendously. And it was a pretty quick repair. Some may say that's because it's summer now and the sun is helping it to heal. But this wasn't the case as the days were getting sunnier earlier in the year. There's been a marked improvement, for sure. I don't recall his skin ever being as soft and smooth as this - ever. It feels like baby skin!

Both of my boys' minds seem to be clearer. They're suddenly able to memorize their spelling words with no problem - and are able to keep them memorized when tested on them. (We're still doing spelling words during the summer - I'm such a mean mommy.)

Another interesting thing that happened, which may or may not be related to this diet, is that my son's missing front teeth are finally growing in. He lost them the end of last year! And, finally, just last week, one poked through and the other is just about there. I'm convinced that this diet helps him to absorb nutrients better and is therefore helping those teeth to develop and grow faster too. But, like I said, I may be completely off on this one.

All in all though - we feel good. This diet feels right. And its oh, so real!

So what's the re-cap as to what it is we're doing? Here goes:

*Fermented teas every day (rich in probiotics)
*Only sourdough breads (pizza, waffles, spelt bread, etc.)
*Fruits and veggies as snacks and/or with meals
*No sugar! Besides some raw honey in some raw treats and desserts. (Those enzymes are so helpful!)
*Kefir every day (probiotics)
*Frequently eat sauerkraut (probiotics)
*Mostly grass fed meats.
*Raw cheeses or lactose free cheese.
*Only good fats: butter, coconut oil, cod liver oil, flax oil, grapeseed oil
*Gluten free pastas and foods in general.

We haven't even been doing the probiotic or L-glutamine consistently. What's felt right is giving their digestive systems a break from foods containing gluten, sugar and non-cultured dairy.

We enjoy making our fermented teas, our kefir, our saurkraut, our sourdough breads and have made the making of these a part of our regular routine.

We'll continue on with this lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of it.

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