Monday, April 30, 2012

Recipe: Fruit Sugar

Sugar can be substituted with so many other options that are so much better for us. Some ideas are:

 Idea #1:

Blend up a mix of fruits such as: apples and grapes or pineapple and apples or dates and apples etc. Freeze this concoction in small containers or baggies. Pull out, thaw and use in recipes calling for sugar. Use a bit less oil or liquid in these recipes.

Idea #2:

Dehydrate one of the above mentioned fruit mixtures until thoroughly dried. Blend up in blender just until it's well blended (or your mixture will gum up). Use this powder as a substitute for sugar using half as much as what the recipe calls for.

Idea #3:

Blend up fruit such as an apple or a mixture of fruits such as an apple and some grapes and simply use this mush in your recipes.

Note: Remember - even though these sugars are natural and come from fruit, if you're doing the GAPS diet, you should always make sure to use these sparingly, especially in the beginning.

Some mixture ideas are:

Pineapple, apple and dates.
Pineapple and apple.
Peaches and pineapple.
Apples and grapes.
Peaches and grapes.

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