Thursday, February 23, 2012

Recipe: "Raw" Yogurt

I used to use the method of bringing my yogurt to a boil then following the usual yogurt making instructions thereafter.

But even though this way of making yogurt produces a thicker yogurt that doesn't separate from the whey as much I've now begun making yogurt that still has its enzymes in tact by using a low temp. method instead ... and it's just as good.

Here are the instructions:

Raw Yogurt

You'll need:

One gallon of milk (raw if possible)
3-4 Tbsp.'s plain, high quality, yogurt

1. Pour one gallon of milk in large pot.

2. Heat to 115°.

3. Stir in 3-4 Tbsp of plain yogurt into warmed milk.

4. Pour into individual glass jars.

5. Keep the yogurt as close to 115° as possible by doing one of the following:

~ Place the jars in an empty Excalibur dehydrator, set to 115° for 12 to 24 hours.
~ Place the jars on top of a blanket. Place 4 jars filled with boiling water mixed throughout jars of yogurt. Place a few blankets on top. Allow to sit for 8 to 24 hours, keeping the yogurt warm by replacing the hot water in the jars if necessary.
~ Place the jars on a blanket. Place 3-4heated rice bags along sides, on top or in between the jars of yogurt to keep warm. Re-warm these bags as needed to keep yogurt warm.

Yogurt is done after 12-24 hours of staying at warm temp.

* For those who may have an intolerance to lactose make sure to keep your yogurt warmed for 24 hours. Apparently this eliminates almost, if not all, of the lactose within the milk.

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