Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Natural Cleaning Recipe: All-Purpose Spray

This simple all-purpose spray is our favorite in our home. It smells so refreshing and I love that it contains tea tree oil which acts as a disinfectant, the lemon also works as a sanitizing agent and all three leave a refreshing, energizing, and clean fragrance throughout the room it was used in.

A blurb on Daily Green said, "... Unfortunately, the ever-expanding arsenal of home cleaning products now includes several dangerous weapons, loaded with strong, artificial colors and fragrances and harsh cleansing agents like bleach, ammonia and acids. These chemicals can produce indoor air pollution by off-gassing toxic fumes that can irritate eyes and lungs. (Children and pets are most at risk.) Many cleaners also contain unnecessary antibacterial agents (pesticides, technically), that can actually make bacteria stronger, and more resistant to antibacterial drugs.

And commercial cleansers cost a lot. So make your own! Even the biggest messes and toughest stains can be attacked effectively with baking soda, borax, lemon juice and other simple ingredients."

Here's the recipe:

1 small spray bottle
10 drops tea tree oil
10 drops lemon oil
10 drops orange oil

Now, I love using the more expensive oils such as Young Living, doTerra or Butterfly Express for health reasons but once it comes to this cleaning product I feel that the cheaper oils - such as the ones I purchase from my local health food store - work just fine!

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