Friday, July 1, 2011

First Aid Kit: Electrolyte Concentrate

There have been so many times where, during warmer weather family expeditions, the kids begin to drag ... and complain ... and whine. They become low on energy and are in need of an electrolyte boost.

Bio Nativus has created a super delicious and quite healthy electrolyte formula that contains ionic minerals derived from the Great Salt Lake, contains 72 trace minerals, is sweetened with crystalline fructose, sucralose and stevia and contains natural fruit extracts.

Carrying around a small bottle/container of this solution is super easy. Adding a dropperful of this concentrate to a child's drinking water is perfect for those times when our children (or we) are in need of an electrolyte boost.

Here's the link to Bio Nativus.

(The Peach-Grapefruit flavor is our favorite.)

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  1. Thanks for the tip.. we've ordered several items from Bio Nativus, but this is probably our kid's favorite..good stuff..drink it fast though I don't think the shelf life is very long.