Friday, July 8, 2011

First Aid Kit: Ear Infection Remedy

The number one reason for pediatric visits and the health ailment which costs the nation $4 billion per year is ear infections!

At Oma's (grandma's) house on Christmas Eve last year, my son, who is still quite young, came to me saying that his ear was hurting because he "ate too fast". His complaining became incessant and, due to the pain, he eventually broke down crying. His face was flushed and his painful ear was bright red.

The poor little thing tried his best to control his wailing outbursts but he basically cried his way through gift giving time. He had definitely developed an ear infection.

I took two steps:
- First I dropped some lukewarm Hydrogen Peroxide into his ear. After letting that sit for about 5 minutes I laid him on his "bad" ear, allowing the Hydrogen Peroxide to drain.- Next I dropped some lukewarm Colloidal Silver into his ear. And let that sit for a few minutes.
The pain and infection didn't subside immediately. Because of how harsh pain reliever's are on the organs, I avoid giving them as much as possible - however, I decided that this was an occasion I was going to break down and give my kiddo some pain reliever.

After an hour he was just fine. Pain and discomfort were gone. I knew this might just be the pain reliever doing its thang so I felt anxious to see what might happen during the night and the following next day.
It never bothered him again.
I thought perhaps we just "got lucky". So I almost dared such an occurrence to happen again to see if that remedy really works.

It did happen again. About two months later my littlest one went to daddy explaining that her ear was hurting "on the inside". It quickly progressed to severe pain where she too was wailing and crying uncontrollably because of the discomfort it was causing her. I got the hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver out and performed the same remedy.

After about an hour she was fine. I waited: through that evening, through the night, and the next day. Nothing. She was fine. It never bothered her again.

One last experience I'll share is that a friend of mine came to me asking for advice as to what she should do for her son. He, being only one and a half years old, had had chronic ear infections. He had been on one antibiotic after another. Each time one antibiotic failed to work his doctor placed him on an even stronger antibiotic. This friend of mine was in distress because now the doctor wanted to have tubes placed in his ears. She felt that there's got to be another way.

Along with recommending that she begin giving her son probiotics to help rebuild the flora within his intestines, I advised her to start using colloidal silver in his ears and immediately stop giving him dairy. I believed that he was having a bad reaction to milk, his body was possibly responding to milk in an allergic way and producing too much mucous within his system which was creating perfect conditions within his ear canal for harboring bacteria and causing re-occurring infections.

She called me about one week later ecstatic that her son was finally ear-infection free, runny nose free and that they avoided having to put those dreaded tubes in his ears.

There are ways to get rid of ear infections without having to feed the 4 billion industry.

Here's the re-cap of the ear-infection remedy:

Fill up a dropper with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Close the end with your finger and hold the dropper under warm running water to bring the liquid to room temp. (no hotter!)

Lay child down on one side.

Place 4-6 drops of hydrogen peroxide in his/her ear. Bubbling may occur this is merely the hydrogen peroxide solution killing bad bacteria it has come in contact with.

If it bubbles quit a bit, dab away the foaming bubbles and add a few more drops.

Allow child to lay like this for a few minutes.

Place tissue on child's ear and turn him /her over onto other side, allowing any remaining hydrogen peroxide to leak out onto tissue.

Turn child back over.

Warm up colloidal silver solution in dropperful and place 4-6 drops of this in child's ear.

Allow child to stay like this for about 10 minutes.

If necessary, repeat this procedure up to three times a day.

One extra thing to do:

In her book Gut and Psychology Syndrome, Dr. McBride mentions that one of the main reasons that children get ear infections (aside from allergic reactions to dairy) is because they don't have enough good bacteria established in their ear canal and sinus passages which, she informs readers, creates a condition called "glue ear". 

She suggests to open up a probiotic capsule and place its contents on the back of a child's tongue before going bed at night or before taking a nap during the day. She believes that this helps repopulate the good bacteria in the sinuses and will help reduce or eliminate ear infections.

This makes sense to me and there's absolutely no harm in trying it. 

*Packing a small vile of colloidal silver and another small vile of hydrogen peroxide into a first aid kit is so easy to do and is a heaven sent when ear infections arise.

**Little ones may have a hard time staying still. Bribing them to lie still with back tickles or reading them a book is a great idea.

** If for whatever reason these recommendations don't help try restoring the pH balance within the ear by rinsing out the ear with a baking soda solution. Do this by mixing 1 tsp baking soda in one cup room temp. water and placing a dropperful into each ear. After doing so, drop some antibacterial drops such as tea tree oil or garlic diluted in a few teaspoons of olive oil into the ear a few times a day and repeat this until infection subsides.


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