Sunday, November 21, 2010

Recipe: Macaroni and Cheese

I threw together some "mac and cheese" for the kids today ... the healthy way.

And it turned out great!

Here's the recipe:

Macaroni and Cheese

Whole Wheat Pasta (of your choice)
6 Tbsp's raw or organic butter
5 Tbsp's ground, sprouted wheat
1 1/2 to 2 cups raw milk
2 1/2 to 3 cups shredded, raw (or homemade) cheese
1 tsp sea salt (add more to taste)
A couple dashes of pepper
1 1/2 cups (sprouted wheat) bread crumbs
1/2 stick of raw or organic butter

Cook pasta according to directions.

In the meantime melt the 6 Tbsp's of butter on medium heat. Once melted add the wheat flour.

(*The flour mixture shouldn't get too dry or clumpy here - add more butter if needed.)

Continuously, add the milk a bit at a time, stirring constantly. The mixture will thicken. Once thick and creamy turn down the heat and stir in shredded cheese. Add salt and pepper and take it off of the heat.

While cheese mixture is being prepared, melt the 1/2 stick of butter in a pan. Once the butter is mostly melted, add the bread crumbs. Brown at a medium heat setting until the bread crumbs have achieved desired crispiness.

Either mix the cheese mixture and the pasta together yourself and top with bread crumbs or have a do-it-yourself macaroni and cheese meal.

We'll be making this one again ... many times.


  1. Awesome! My kids haven't had mac-n-cheese for a long time, because I never wanted to buy the boxed stuff... and this sounds like a great recipe!

    Thanks for linking up!!!

  2. My kids like this recipe too - I hope yours do all the same - thanks for the comment!

  3. Beautiful blog, I can't wait to try out this recipe!!!