Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thought: Fulfillment

I've had four children. Nursed each one as long as I could. (Even though my milk dried up for one of my children at two weeks.)

My point is that I know what it's like to nurse little ones. There's a feeling that goes with it that is hard to describe. To know that the sacrifices I make by coming to a halt and taking the time to feed a precious newborn infant which lies in my arms and is able to receive, consume and be wholly satisfied with the most nourishing food it needs - and this food is coming directly from me, my body, is one of the most fulfilling of feelings.

Interestingly enough - although my youngest is three - when I make similar sacrifices of using my time and energy to feed my family using the current wisdom and understanding I have gained over time - it gives me feelings that are comparable to nursing an infant.

It's during these times that I feel a feeling of joy and satisfaction.

I believe that no matter how educated men may be who will come along and genetically alter or process food - they cannot re-create food to be what it really is and what it is meant to do for mankind.

Successful attempts were already made by a loving Heavenly Father who really did know what He was doing when He created the food this planet would be able to create in abundance.

I wonder if the Creator of this world felt similar feelings to that of a nursing mother. . .

feelings of nurturing, fulfillment, hope and love.

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