Friday, August 13, 2010

Recipe: Pineapple Goji Berry Smoothie

The air conditioner in our car went out today - yet we had a day full of errands to run.

I tried to keep the kids cooled down by getting ice water at every stop. I felt so bad - seeing all these sweaty faces - that I even broke down and got some tongue pleasing frosty's from Wendy's (which made half of us feel sick).

By the time we got home we were in need of something cool and nutritious.

That's when we came up with this delicious smoothie:

Pineapple Goji Berry Smoothie

1 fresh pineapple cut up (and cored)
1 can Thai coconut milk
1-2 cups ice
1/2 cup pre-soaked Goji Berries
1 tsp. real vanilla

Blend up and enjoy.

We'll take one of these smoothies over a frosty any day!

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