Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Healthy Treasures Blog!

I've felt led and driven to create another blog.

It's a blog where I focus on sharing information about my favorite tools, remedies and resources that can help others be a healthier and more spiritual people and help them prepare, holistically, for possible future crisis'.

The creation of this blog was a big decision for me. Blogs always look so simple but the time and effort that goes into making, maintaining and adding to them is monumental. But, I have felt led to do so and therefore went ahead with the creation of this baby.

You can find my blog here.

Among a variety of other topics, I'll be posting video recipes of my favorite food staples on Healthy Treasures but will continue to post a variety of recipes on Get Well as I have always done before.

Thanks ahead of time for supporting me in this new adventure!


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