Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Collard Sandwich Wrap

We are still eating sandwiches ... only we're substituting the bread for some greens!

At first, I was using iceberg lettuce only. (Don't want to scar the kids right off the bat.) But a couple of nights ago I decided to take the plunge and use collard AND iceberg lettuce.

They totally loved it! Gobbled it right up! I can't help but think that the pickles are what makes the kids love these sandwiches so much. (We get non-heated or vinegarized pickles from the health food store.)

Here's the simple recipe:

Chicken (or other meat), sliced
Pickles, sliced
Iceberg Lettuce


1. Spread some mayo on one half of the iceberg lettuce leaf.

2. Place meat, pickles and anything else inside.

3. Place other half of iceberg lettuce on top.

4. Wrap with a collard leaf, keeping one end open.

Other additions can be used too, of course. Such as olives, sauerkraut, tomatoes, and anything else you like your sandwiches to have.


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