Monday, January 21, 2013

Dr. Klinghardt on EMF's

Whether a person believes in the EMF issue or not - the information Dr. Klinghardt provides in this video is at least worth being aware of.

I've been studying Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt's work - especially his work on Lyme disease. I must say that I've been quite pleased with his views and discoveries and agree, thus far, with about 95% of what he says is the cause of Lyme symptoms and what it takes to get better.

Interestingly enough he has many views on another topic I feel quite passionately about - autism. I find his works interesting, mind opening, and inspiring. I've studies issues such as CCSVI which I have known has affected my own health due to the side effects of the Lyme but I never thought that there'd be a connection between CCSVI and autistic patients - and it all makes perfect sense.

I'll more than likely be posting more info on his works in the near future.

After studying the danger's of EMF (electro magnetic field - aka "dirty electricity") in the past I was left undecided as to how I felt about it or even what I'd do about it if I did agree with it.

In this video Dr. Klinghardt discusses his opinion as to why he thinks EMF is a serious issue. I can't say I agree with all of his ideas as to what to do for it (like using the "German method" and breaking your Smart Meter ... several times).

But I post this because I think he's on to something.

One thing I'd like to discuss with him personally, if I could, would be the rising rate of autism he spoke of and where that could be coming from.

He claims the main environmental factor is from EMF exposure but I wonder how much Dr. McBride's theory may play into that as well - that of a mother's diminished gut flora going down in number and being passed down from one generation to the next - causing the lack of good gut flora and therefore a low immune system and inability for the body to detox especially from on onslaught of toxins such as what comes from vaccines.

There's a lot I'd like to learn and truly understand. But for now, I believe Dr. Klinghardt is on to something.

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