Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Video: Farmageddon Trailer

This trailer is truly eye-opening. It's crazy to see the restrictions being made on some farmer's.

Even in Utah, the places where we have (and do) purchase our raw milk - they have to take extra measures and precautions by either having their customers sign a form that basically says "this milk could kill me" or by having a "donation" set-up along with a similar signed waiver - just to sell their milk.

And yet what is being sold in stores is deemed as the healthy form of milk. When it undoubtedly isn't.

I realize these type of raids aren't the situation everywhere - it is happening nevertheless and I'd like to watch Farmageddon's full video to help me be aware of what is or can happen.

As said in the video:"We need to have the right to eat healthy food."

This video will be another eye opening film similar to Food Inc. and Food Matters.


  1. This is horrifying. Our government just passed a "food safety" bill which gives them even more legal "rights" to do this sort of thing. It makes me sick, angry, and sad. You know, my friends just moved back to the US after 4 years abroad. Although they love our country and are so grateful for the many blessings we enjoy here, they were horrified by the food. Because it's not real food.

  2. That is so interesting! - no, most of the Americanized diet isn't real food. But I can't help but feel that although things might get rather ugly for a while - there's a good change coming. More people seem to becoming aware of what they're eating and how they should eat.

    That's definitely one of my passions in life - finding out the truth about what is and isn't "real" food.