Thursday, December 9, 2010

Book: Fantastic Flax

Because of the goals I'm trying to reach - that of living a healthy life - the information within this book (concerning the health benefits of flax seed) is a must have in my home and in my life.

I've never realized the importance of flax seeds and how it can be used for so many great uses - until I picked up this simple little book.

... Half of the basics within this book is full of wonderful recipes (breads, muesli, dips and even dessert) all using "fantastic" flax.

It's been interesting for me to hear my mom (who grew up in Germany) speak of the memory of eating flax oil with quark - which is quite similar and even right on to the recipes laid out in this book.

Along with this book, I've been researching Dr. Johanna Budwig's theory on "re-hydrating" and re-nourishing the cells by eating a mixture of cottage cheese and flax oil - which creates a perfect combination that allows our body to fully utilize the healthy fats contained within the flax oil.

I still have more to research concerning her findings ...

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