Friday, August 6, 2010

Thought: Father and Satan

As I've mentioned - I believe we have a loving, kind and generous Father in heaven that wanted a beautiful planet-of-abundance created for His beloved children to thrive and be happy on. Much of this abundance and goodness came in the form of plants, herbs, meats, and foods that He provided for us by a hand that is the Master, Creator and Expert of all things.

What's the opposite of this?

Another man. satan. Who is the deceiver, destroyer, and liar of all things.

If food is so good for us. If food has the ability to strengthen us. To give us "health in our navel and marrow in our bones" helping us to have the ability to "find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge" and allowing us to "run and not be weary and walk and not faint" - would satan attack us at this angle?

Oh, he sure would.

And oh, he has.

He is using our ill-health as a tool for himself.

I don't even truly understand yet just how healthy we really can be.

The ability to think clearly.
The ability to have great physical strength and stamina.
The ability to recover or resist disease.
The ability to extend our life and do more good.
The ability to be spiritual.
To have the strength, focus and inner peace to maintain a healthy, strong and vibrant relationship with Heavenly Father.

Oh yes, satan wants to destroy our health.

This world is abundant in gifts from our Father that will keep us healthy and well.

We simply need to have a desire (or need) to find these gifts - these treasures.

And go find them.

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